Securikett’s sustainable product range now gets a digital extension

Sustainable packaging and product digitization in one step

Sustainable packaging is a hot topic and Securikett was a pioneer in presenting a secure and attractive solution to meet this requirement with its “IT’S PAPER” product series. Now the Austrian company is going one step further and is the first in the market to launch paper-based tamper-evident security labels with an integrated QR code. These labels provide distinct proof of opening, the so-called VOID effect, and give the manufacturer the ability to communicate further information about the product directly to the customer via a simple scan of the label. In this way, product digitization is simple and sustainable. The unique codes are created in-house at Securikett and supported by an advanced data management system and secure web portal.

From left to right:
1. label applied on box, 2. peeling off the label, 3. leave behind on a box, 4. tampered label

A super label made from renewable raw material that can do it all

The new PaperVOID labels, with integrated unique item level codes, can be fully customized to the customer’s corporate design. When it comes to product properties such as sustainability, origin, authenticity, supply chain integrity, ethics, etc., digital Securikett technology enables this information to be linked directly to each individual sales unit of product. In this way, the properties can be communicated to the customer in a trustworthy, transparent and personal way and increase the integrity and perception of the product. If the packaging and label are made of the same material, the cost, efficiency, and effectiveness of the recycling process are significantly enhanced. Thus, paper security seals optimize the recyclability of all cardboard or paper packaging. “Using the latest paper-based security seals not only makes a sustainable contribution to environmental protection and avoids plastic but also creates added value for manufacturers and customers from the integration of digital information and physical security elements,” the CEO of Securikett, Werner Horn, is committed to creating value-added, sustainable labels.

When the label is peeled off, a striking VOID effect appears and a hidden code becomes visible. The VOID effect stays visible even when the label is reapplied to the packaging.

Paper-based VOID labels are available in many different colours and shapes and are suitable for all kinds of paper or cardboard packaging.

Growing importance for green and digital packaging innovations

Consumer buying behaviour is changing and shifting away from brands to individual products. To meet this change in buying behaviour, it is becoming increasingly important for products to communicate directly with consumers. Packaging based on renewable resources will become increasingly important in the future. In the EU, there are already charges for packaging that is not designed to be recyclable. Therefore, it pays to switch to paper labels to eliminate any discussion about the materials used.

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The family business Securikett is a global leader in SecurityLabels, and also offers innovative one-stop SMART PACKAGING integrating manipulation evidence, security and IoT services. The company was founded in 2001 and engages 90 employees. Applications by Securikett are used on luxury goods, spirits, medicines, spare parts and shipping boxes. Based in Austria, Securikett currently distributes products to 45 countries around the world.